When is a spade not a spade?

When it’s an ice scraper….

As someone who suffers from depression, I find what really helps me is connecting with my friends. I’m a completely different person when I’m with my girls and definitely not in a good way. One thing that has really stuck with me was something a family member said to me over Christmas. My youngest was really kicking off and as such was being carried over to me to deal with and I was told that my face was just blank, no emotions, that’s how I deal with things that I otherwise couldn’t deal with if I actually felt something. This is something that I’m working on but as I have an immensely short temper, currently it’s better to block it out, although I did enjoy the wonder that is soft play this week. What made it really quite special was that I got to meet up with a couple of my old NCT friends who I hadn’t seen for ages and I was able to sit down and actually have a fairly sensible conversation for 10mins! Both of these lovely ladies seem to be totally on the same wavelength as me, it’s just a shame that we aren’t all closer but it was so lovely to see how much our little ones have grown up since we last saw each other.

Just before Poppy fell on her face

Managed to convince my bestie to let me attack her face with makeup this week. One of the looks Your Make Up Course has a tutorial on is Classic Black Smoke, I really love super bold makeup but tend to fail miserably at anything other than ‘natural’ looks on other people, still, practice makes perfect and we were both quite happy with the outcome.  So much love and respect for this one, it’s rare to catch her without a smile on her face and is one of the few people who has the balls to tell me when I’m being an idiot! (which is quite often) So I introduce you to Carly, who cemented her place as my bestie when I fell face first dancing in a nightclub and she then launched herself on the floor after me to try and make it look like I’d done it on purpose! 

I came quite late to the phenomenon that is YouTube because let’s face it, I’m old, but one of the first people I followed was Fleur de Force. Definitely worth giving her a follow 😊 not only does she have some fabulous tips and tricks but she’s just so shiny and lovely.

I hope you all have a great week, mine will be fueled by the fact that I have date night with hubby to look forward to on Saturday πŸ’•

Love and sparkles xxx