I need to go and buy potatoes now. My face doesn’t look unlike a potato in this actually. Goodness knows why the video is giant and sideways to start with.

Every now and then something happens that reminds me how fiercely I really do love my children.
I picked the girls up from nursery and my youngest, Poppy, had what I can only describe as claw marks on her face which brings out the side of me that I rarely see, the side that wants to find the child that did it and punch it square in the jaw…. which I would obviously never do, doesn’t stop me from really wanting to though!
And then to top poor Poppy’s evening off, she slipped over in the bath and badly cut her lip and bashed her nose, resulting in lots of blood. Her little face 😔 I just cuddled her and cried.
I dread to think of what her chubby little face will look like in the morning.

I signed up to do an Express nails course today in Dover…. No clue how long it will take me to get there but people keep asking if I do nails so come April, yes I will. Apparently Express nails is…. Express, and requires a lot less filing which can only be a good thing? If anyone out there knows what it actually is please do let me know so that I know what I’ve signed up for lol

Helping Grandad set up his wargame

Date night tomorrow night! Very excited, just having dinner and drinks but I really can’t wait. Kidlets are off to my Mum’s for the night so they are super excited too! Win win. Thing is, something keeps popping into my head. At Florence’s swimming class the other day one of the Mum’s was saying to me how sad it is when the Mum’s drop their kids off at school and then exclaim that they’re free! Now my girls aren’t at school, but I fully imagine that I will be one of those Mum’s. I do like to pretend that I couldn’t care less what people think about me but we all know I would be telling a massive porky pie. I really don’t like pork pies. At least I know now ahead of Florence going to school that I should silently celebrate so that people won’t judge me lol

Love and sparkles xx

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