Let me just pull my tweezers out of your eye

Restless leg syndrome…. It’s a thing, I never knew about it until I nearly stabbed a client in the eye a million times whilst doing their eyelash extensions! Thankfully I knew the client extremely well so that when the odd bit of profanity slipped out it wasn’t the end of the world lol

I’ve been trying to get used to using Flat lashes and I think that this is my best effort so far.

Actually quite busy with lashes this coming week which is nice. I’ve been so tired since I’ve started my new job that I haven’t really been trying to get appointments because I’m worried I’ll fall asleep on someone’s face mid treatment, I’ll let you know if that happens this week!

One of my little side projects is that I’m a Body Shop at Home Consultant. I have a closed Facebook group set up for it but to be honest I’m more interested in posting silly videos than trying to sell stuff! I think that my theory is, because it’s a closed group I can be a lunatic and potential makeup/lash clients won’t see it and be scared away by a video of someone singing The Greatest Showman whilst dancing through a park. Maybe I’m just scared of going viral for acting like a tit lol I do tend to get more orders when I do though, maybe people feel sorry for me.

Oh date night went really well last weekend! We had a lovely meal at The Herbalist which is a fantastic place, enjoyed some live music at The Market House and then spanked the karaoke at The Old House at Home. I’m not sure either of us remember coming home but the fact that my husband found the DVD player on with Mama Mia in and a full can of beer on the table the next morning implies that I obviously thought I hadn’t drank enough when I got home! I also love finding pictures that you have no memory of on your phone the next day.

Yep…. I was drunk. Pretty sure I smashed the karaoke though, and I very much enjoyed staying in bed until 9am as my little darlings were with my mother.

I’m planning on sorting out a photoshoot some soon. I’m thinking woods, I’m thinking stream, I’m thinking extremely natural makeup. Your Makeup Course have just released a fantastic tutorial on Photographic skin so I can’t wait to get my hands on my model! Just need to work out when on earth I’m going to have time to do it.

I got to experience the joy of an Under 5s disco. Queued for 25mins to get in, queued for 15mins to get Florence’s face painted, ate a hot dog and some candyfloss and danced to baby shark. What made it worth it was to see Florence nearly spontaneously combust when she saw the PJ masks, Paw Patrol, Bing and Peppa 🐖

Don’t you eyeball me Gecko

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