Busy Bee – Buzz Buzz, damn hayfever

I feel like I’ve been massively productive this last couple of weeks in regards to working on my little business.

I’ve got an advert in Your Kent Wedding magazine which I could have definitely done better but for my first go at an advert I’m really pleased with it!

Will be interesting to see if anything comes of it and if not at least I’ve given it a go lol

It’s exactly one week until my makeup course at House of Glamdolls and I can barely contain my excitement!! Booked my train tickets for London and booked the sofa at my friends in Kings Cross. Pancake request in to my friend for shrove Tuesday although I feel bad that I won’t be around to make my husband pancakes and I’m really going to miss the pretend argument as to why I won’t sugar and lemon them and roll them up for him. Weirdly makes my heart go squishy just thinking about it.

Your Makeup Course released their latest brief which was Pantone 2019 Coral so I very excitedly set to work doing that, I won’t win prizes for inventiveness but I really enjoyed creating it.

They have also asked me to write my story down for them so that they can share it in their feature for March on Mum’s training to be MUA’s. Exciting stuff!

I’ve booked another course in April also on top on my Express Nail Course for Lash Lift and Tint 😁 I had it done myself a while back and loved it so excited to be able to offer it to my clients soon!

And to top off my productive couple of weeks I’ve bought myself a practice head for hairstyling so I can eventually do a course in that too. My unofficial mentor “Pretty Please by Katie”, rightly pointed out that there is no point in me doing a hairstyling course if I’ve never practiced updos etc as I won’t get much out of it.

Pretty decent couple of weeks with the kids too although my big tummy was pointed out to me today. Wish I was one of those people that would then stop overeating to loose wait so that her daughter couldn’t point out her big tummy but no…. I ate two ice creams, a large bar of Galaxy and so far drank 4 beers.

The 4 beers also featured in my plan to dull my senses in regards to what I can only assume is my hayfever kicking off nice and early. It didn’t work. I’m a snotty mess and extremely short tempered. I’m pretty sure that poor Florence thinks I’ve been replaced by (insert Disney villain here).

Anyway, busy day of coursework tomorrow. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Love and Sparkles πŸ’•

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