Mind BLOWN – Training and Benjamin Button

I had the most fantastic 3 days at House of Glamdolls! To say I learnt so much is an understatement

One of the things I love about training in anything is that usually there is always something positive to take away from it. At work I’m currently doing a course, Growing As A Manager, not exactly thrilling stuff but I’ve identified the type of manager I am and what the downfalls are of being a diplomat lol. At House of Glamdolls not only did I leave with some solid technical knowledge to move forward with but I also left with renewed confidence in my skills as a makeup artist. We could all do with a confidence boost every now and then and I’m truly excited for what the future could hold for me and my little business.

That’s enough about me for the moment, I’ve discovered an AMAZING product for reducing under eye contour and puffiness!!!

It’s a small bottle of magic from The Ordinary. I’m renaming it my Benjamin Button product. All you need to do do is dab a small amount, morning and night, underneath your eyes. I actually look like I slept well last night (I didn’t) and I’ve only used it once! Another amazing plus for this is it £5.99, if I had the choice of spending my last £6 of the month on some Flat Iron Steak or this……. I may well pick this, let’s just hope that I never have to make that decision.

Work work has been hard going this week. Trying desperately to prove myself an effective manager to be able to pass my probation. Problem is, since having my first child I’ve not really had to turn my brain back on, I’ve been coasting, on autopilot if you will, so it was a bit of a shock to the system to realise that I can’t carry on like that if I want to succeed. I know I’m more than capable if I put my mind to it. Time to brush off my Personal Development Plan and put my big girl pants on.

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them

Chris Grosser

Anyway, I’m off to eat a steak.

Love and Sparkles 💕 xxx

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